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Proposals for National Budget 2019


From the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce presents the following proposals for consideration by the Ministry of Finance for Budget 2019. The submissions consists of two parts, A and B. The Chamber followed a robust consultative process in the generation of the proposals, particularly the proposals contained in Part A of this document. [Click here to view]

Part A
In formulating the proposals in Part A, the Ceylon Chamber had a series of consultations spanning a period of two weeks with key sectors represented under the Chamber. Participation was from individual members relevant to that sector as well as trade associations and councils pertaining to that sector. These proposals have also been reviewed by the Taxation Steering Committee of the Chamber. Broadly, these proposals take a sectoral view, beyond individual firms requests, and can be considered by the Ministry of Finance as proposals that have sector- wide consensus.

Part B
In Part B of this document, we forward proposals from individual member companies of the Ceylon Chamber for consideration by the Ministry of Finance. For proposals contained in both Part A and B, we would be happy to provide any further information or clarification that may be required by the Ministry of Finance.
This document is compiled by the Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. Lead contact person is Jayani Ratnayake, Economist, CCC – Email -jayani@chamber.lk, Contact Number: 0115588868.

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