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The Ceylon Chamber Recommendations in Budget 2019


An Analysis of Pre-Budget Submissions (Part A)[1] and Proposals in the National Budget for 2019

Total No of proposals in Part A of the CCC submissions: 48

Proposals partly or fully considered in the National Budget Speech: 14

The complete analysis can be read here

This document is compiled by the Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.
Lead contact person is Jayani Ratnayake, Economist, CCC.

Email: jayani@chamber.lk
Contact Number: 0115588868



[1] In formulating the proposals in Part A, the Ceylon Chamber has worked together with the Taxation Steering Committee of the Chamber. Broadly, these proposals take a sectoral view, beyond individual firm requests, and can be considered by the Ministry of Finance as proposals that have sector-wide consensus.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Economic Intelligence Unit

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