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Weekly Wrap - 15th Nov


Smog in Asia, Post-office library systems, and more stories to wrap your week up.

A series of curated editorial content to keep you informed on all that’s happening locally and regionally by the end of the week. 


Over the past few months, a series of air pollution episodes have set new records across Asia. This poses major threats to health as well as the climate. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air is lately being dangerously polluted. Dirty air from the Indo-Gangetic plain and central India is messing with ozone levels in the Indian subcontinent, a study has found. The authors emphasise the need for pan-India co-ordination to control the lung-damaging greenhouse gas, the chief ingredient of smog.


How do nations rise and fail? According to economist Daron Acemoglu and political scientist Jame’s A. Robinson’s ‘Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty’, it is man-made political and economic institutions that underlie economic success or collapse. Economic success occurs when the economy delivers things that people need in a fair, sustainable and resilient manner, while an economic collapse occurs at the onset of a severe version of an economic contraction, depression or recession. Here is how political power distribution could affect the performance of an economy


Would Post Office Library systems encourage people to read? A Sri Lankan has suggested that the placement of a library amidst the numerous post offices would facilitate young adults to access various books from anywhere in the country. Read more about Post Office Library (POL)  


Although many have the impression that the aging workforce is holding back global economic growth, they bring a whole host of benefits to the economy. For instance, knowledge sharing, better decision-making and many more. Let us have a look at how this elderly workforce could reinforce the performance of the global economy


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