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Weekly Wrap - 13th Dec


Is Sri Lanka ready for the digitization of its Agricultural Sector? High time to rethink how students learn in classrooms? Read our weekly wrap to know all about it.

Smart digital farming in agriculture, and the aim of Sri Lanka’s  E-agriculture strategy. Agriculture survives due to direct and indirect support measures provided by the Government such as free irrigation, a large fertiliser subsidy, support prices for rice and ad hoc trade protection measures for selected crops. The economic costs of these measures are a reflection of the unsustainable and misdirected measures adopted by successive governments to achieve self-sufficiency in domestic production. In a bid to overcome such disruptive drivers, Sri Lankan agriculture too has seen a number of technological transformations over the past decades, albeit on a fairly limited scale.


The traditional teaching system in our country can be better – and catered towards students learning to learn on their own. This is where Knowledge Invisible Teachers (KITs) come in. These educators would act like a facilitator in a workshop, stepping aside when needed and encouraging students to engage with each other and learn on their own. If there is a change in teaching methodology, can KIT replace current Sri Lankan teachers?


The real reason work makes you sick is probably less to do with your colleagues’ personal hygiene, and more to do with other factors. The more likely culprits for workplace illness is, in fact, “your long commute, longer hours and your micromanaging boss.” Although tales of office cleanliness — or the lack thereof — give most of us pause for thought, even in a modern office, “humans are part of a complex web of organisms dependent on one another for survival.” And anyway, armies of well-drilled cleaning companies descend on most corporate offices each night.


Some Korean bank jobs are at risk of being displaced by software-based robots; as banks are beefing up their digital capabilities to save time and money, and compete against internet-only banks.  Shinhan Bank has onboarded a chatbot to collect bug reports from employees. NongHyup Bank, which now uses automated programmes to manage lending and credit cards, says its 120 robots could save employees 200,000 working hours a year. A Wells Fargo report recently predicted that robots will take some 200,000 US banking jobs over the next decade.


Idea of the Day: Don’t get personal. Don't bring up your colleague's identity — for example, "as a woman, what do you think," when you're debating an issue with a colleague, advises author Shane Snow. Even though this is often a well-intentioned attempt to be inclusive, it inadvertently puts the person in a position of having to be right or else their identity group may look bad.


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