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Weekly Wrap - 17th Jan


What is the state of confidentiality and data protection in Sri Lanka? Read all about this and more in our Weekly Wrap.

What is the state of public health in Sri Lanka? As a middle-income country, Sri Lanka has achieved remarkable progress in public health and medical care. Dr. Lal Jayasinghe, a member of Public Health Writers Collective has outlined the efficiency and quality of the healthcare system, which is critical to benefit the population of the country. Interested in knowing more? Click here.


Confidentiality and data protection should be a top priority to any country. With the dramatic increase in digitization, these issues are becoming increasingly relevant to Sri Lanka as well. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology has finalized personal data protection legislation in October 2019. Here is what the research team of the Institute of Policy Studies believes that Sri Lanka could do to protect itself.


Sri Lanka needs to follow the path to becoming a service hub that also acts as a center for technological development and education. Speaking at a forum on ‘Managers Matter More Than Companies’ held recently, Mr. Omar Khan, a renowned global consultant on the subject of management, stressed upon the need to enhance the services in Sri Lanka across various sectors. Let us have a look at some of the key points that were touched upon during the discussion.


The Government is set to employ 50,000 graduates by March, into the public service. It is in some ways astounding that Sri Lanka, despite being a middle-income country, still has this level of obsession with obtaining public service jobs. Yet when looking at established social ideals it is quite understandable.  It’s not just security, but several other reasons that factor into this preference.


Idea of the Day: Act rather than react

"The first piece of career advice I ever received may have been the best. Back when I was earning $2 an hour, my boss came up to me and said, 'With a little initiative, you could become a manager here. Stop waiting for me to tell you what to do, and figure out what needs to be done.' "

Here, writer Bruce Kasanoff talks about why you should create more than you consume.


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