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Weekly Wrap - 03rd April


From the importance of the English language in modern-day Sri Lanka, to taking care of your mental health, and branding, this #WeeklyWrap has you covered.

Knowing when you are on the job and when you are not is key to work-life balance, but it's hard to make that distinction when you have flexible hoursExperts suggest a four-step process: Define your after-hours, so that you can draw the line. Use a productivity tool to build clarity around your workload. People whose work is mapped out spend less time thinking about it. Tell your colleagues when you are going offline to minimise interruptions. And when at work, work.


What are you doing to protect your mental health as a job seeker during the pandemic? This article explains how to navigate the stressful reality of being a job seeker during a pandemic. She suggests creating routines to bring a sense of normalcy into your life. Additionally, you should keep looking for work, but only make it part of your day. Consider tuning out some of the negative headlines for part of your day, too. Also, if needed, consider talking with a professional therapist if you feel you can benefit during this difficult time.


Asia’s growth is going to be the slowest since 1998. Economic growth in emerging Asia is projected to fall to 2.2% from 5.2% last year, the slowest since the Asian Financial Crisis, says the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It says food costs will drive inflation, while tourism and commodity dependent economies like Thailand, Timor Leste and the Maldives could shrink. In all, the coronavirus pandemic could inflict a $4.1 trillion damage to the world economy, equivalent to 5% of global gross domestic product.


Let the English medium come: Revisiting the demand for English medium education today.
It may seem a little strange to be writing about a topic like English Medium Instruction when schools and universities have been closed to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our country, says Dr. Vivimarie Medawattegedara. However, during a time like this it can also be helpful to pause and reflect on some of the ideas that seem to have become widely accepted as ideal and practical. One such idea relates to the belief among many, including those who have the power to influence policy, that a high-quality education and relevant education is an education in the English medium.


How can businesses and brands best the COVID-19 epidemic? Given the fact that 2020 started with the continuation of the Australian forest fires, heavy rain and an overflow of the Mayro river in Peru, explosions and a column of ash and gas at the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala, explosion at the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico, the eruption of the Taal volcano in the Philippines, ongoing wars and terrorism followed my many natural and man-created disaster comes the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. 

Can these crises be controlled? And how can businesses and brands coexist and best the outcome? Here are a few ideas.


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Aisha Nazim

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