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TIPS Published during 2016-2017


Trade Intelligence for the Private Sector

TIPS Volume 1 - Susbstantive and Sensible Inputs to Influence Trade Policy

TIPS Volume 3 - Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade: Tackling Compliance Related Issues

TIPS Volume 7 - Renewing our Focus to Reverse the Export Decline

TIPS Volume 8 - Two Key Takeaways from the Export Development Forum

TIPS Volume 9 - Implementing a National Single Window for Trade

TIPS Volume 10 - E-Commerce: The Greater Equalizer in International Trade

TIPS Volume 11 - Trademark Registration: From Colombo to Madrid

TIPS Volume 12 - Sri Lanka's Apparel and Tea exports: Performance Outlook

TIPS Volume 13 - Five Trends in International Trade To Watch in 2017

TIPS Volume 14 - Six Things Exporters Should Know about the EU’s New ‘REX’ System

TIPS Volume 15 - Can Sri Lanka join Asian Supply Chains?

TIPS Volume 16 - Enabling E-Payments at Customs: Sri Lanka must Delay No Longer

TIPS Volume 17 - Towards a Robust National Trade Policy: Some Issues to Consider

TIPS Volume 18 - Businesses must Agitate for Early Implementation of Trade Facilitation Reforms

TIPS Volume 19 - Global Economy Recovery and Implications for Sri Lankan Exports

TIPS Volume 22 - Taxes in International Trade: Half of Total Tax Revenue in 2016

TIPS Volume 23 - Prospects for Global Trade: Growth Amidst Protectionism? 

TIPS Volume 24 - How Can Sri Lankan Exporters Meet ‘Private Standards’ - An Interview with Director Brookings India 

TIPS Volume 25 - A Global View on Trade - An Interview with ex-WTO Chief Supachai Panitchpakdi

TIPS Volume 26 - Executing a Smarter Trade Strategy – Four Ideas from Five Experts 

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